About Us


Ympronta nasce dall'idea di unire esperienza e skill specifiche in una struttura tecnologica organizzata e forte. L'azienda raggiunge l'eccellenza professionale e risultati di successo con un servizio di alta qualità e offre soluzioni smart focalizzate a migliorare i processi aziendali, l'eccellenza produttiva, lean management e quality level nella delivery.

Consolidated experience

The company relies on the solid professionalism of experts who have been working in the technological and design fields for several years.

Cross experience

The vast experience gained allows us to have multiple and transversal skills on SAP ERP and on products/services orbiting in its vast galaxy

World oriented

Our customers and partners portfolio, combined with multimedia, allows us to break down geographical barriers and be active worldwide, without losing sight of the human relationship.


  • Giovanna Iannuzzi

    Chemical engineer with experience in project and resource management, in system validation ...

  • Giovanni Contasta

    Highly specialized technical analyst on ABAP & PI / XI technology with considerable experience in the design field ...

  • Ivan Lo Torto

    15+ years experience in ABAP Deep knowledge on chemical and pharma.

  • Benedetto Spagnolo

    Technical analyst skilled in ABAP technology with experience in projects and AMS in the SAP field ...

Why choose YMPRONTA

    We approach projects according to our customers' requirements: a well-defined problem is already half-solved, we help our customers to clearly define the final goal of each project; we constantly monitor the status of the business case so that it is commercially justified ... in all phases of the project!

    We offer simple solutions, streamlined projects tailored to every budget. A solution can be advantageous if implemented on a small scale, but too expensive when extended: we choose solutions that are easily scalable and profitable in any size.

    We offer innovative software packages based on the concept of Rapid Project Developement.

    We release "quality certified" systems, GxP Compliance, focusing on the cardinal principles of process definition. A valid and guided solution reduces errors, operational deviations and offers added value to the business.

    Our attention to the needs of customers and the market, our productive efficiency and excellent delivery in a short time and moderate costs, recognizes us a distinctive position in the sector.

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