What we offer

Delivery Excellence

ABAP developments, SAP roll out projects, Upgrades and new implementations (PP, PP-PI, QM, WM, MM, SD, PM modules), interfaces and workflows, BW and BPC, SCADA systems automation, HMI, MII interfaces, technology MOBILE/RFID

Excellence in Services

Application and System Management Services, Project Management & Lean Management, Managerial Consultancy and Industrial Processes

CSV Support and Validation

Consulting and Validation of computerized systems

Our strengths

  • Complete validation documentation to support projects and activities;
  • Highly qualified work team and GMP Compliance;
  • In-depth knowledge of chemical and pharmaceutical processes, supply chain & manufacturing, Lean manufacturing methodology & six sigma;
  • Knowledge of business processes in logistics, production and quality;
  • Project management/activity methodology ASAP, PDCA, CAPA, Risk Analysis


Open Technologies

  • Ympronta promotes solutions based on open standards that facilitate connectivity and increase opportunities for support and training from multiple sources
  • Ympronta is able to assess customer needs and direct them towards optimal cost-benefit choices.


Possible applications

  • Preventive & Predictive maintenance
  • Collection and statistical processing of field data
  • Automatic systems interfaces, PLC, WMS
  • Radio frequency identification applications
  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Customized and accurate solutions, targeted to the desired client