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SAP for small and medium-sized companies

When it comes to SAP , it is natural to think of software dedicated to large business management .
But this approach to the software offer of the German multinational company is no longer correct: despite the controversy over the price increase of some products, SAP has now understood how important it is to contact the SMEs , the heart of the infrastructure economic and productive in our country, with products specifically designed to meet the needs of this type of company.

The software product that immediately comes to mind - because it is aimed precisely at small and medium-sized enterprises - is SAP Business One .
This software is not a "little brother" of ERP programs used by large companies, but an ERP software specifically developed for solving typical SME management problems.

What does this software offer? All that an SME needs, be it a commercial or production company, at an affordable cost.

The software presents a simple and “clean” interface , with the functionality of the program easily reachable by the user, without having to miss out on useless tours between the menus.

The software is easily customizable , with the possibility of inserting fields and tables defined by the user. The searches and the insertions of data can also be facilitated by the inclusion in the fields of simple SQL queries (which can be stored and recalled when necessary).

The potential of SAP Business One can be further increased, thanks to the installation of additional modules ( add-ons ). Programs, so-called vertical, that aim to provide solutions to particular needs of certain types of companies. Add-on for complete job order management, production department management, sales network management and many more.

Finally, the reporting present in SAP Businnes One, can be enriched by creating new reports with Crystal Report , whose license in Basic version, is included in the standard installation package.

SAP Business One therefore represents a valid choice for a small and medium-sized company that wants to manage its business completely.