The future: what we are aiming for

In a great era of innovation with a growing need to connect SCADA systems to other business systems, our focus is on:

  • Industrial internet of things which aims to connect devices and collect and share large amounts of data to be analyzed that will allow companies to identify inefficiencies, save money and improve the quality of processes;
  • Message Queueing Telemetry Transport which is a new extremely light and efficient data exchange protocol, indispensable in anticipation of an exponential increase in traffic on the network;
  • OPC industrial data exchange protocol, the most widespread in the world


Data Management

  • The increasing amount of data to be managed requires increasingly efficient tools that allow data to be saved and accessed in order to enable real-time Analytics.
  • SQL Database, SAP HANA, MongoDB.


Virtualization and Cloud

  • More and more companies are adopting Cloud solutions because they are decidedly cheaper than on-site installations;
  • Thanks to the Cloud, numerous architecture options are available that allow you to choose the optimal solution for applications, networking, and business storage;
  • SAP and IIOT in general are increasingly cloud-oriented and promote "as-a-service" solutions;
  • Less hardware (purchase, management costs)
  • More reliability. More connectivity



  • The popularity of tablets and smartphones highlights the importance of mobile in the future of companies;
  • Ympronta has the necessary skills to implement mobile solutions based on HTML5:
  • SAP Fiori to access SAP applications (Logistics, CRM, Retail, etc.)
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) to manage plants, machinery, devices and production and logistics processes directly from the tablet.



The future is now

Ympronta is a company future-oriented.

The vision of Ympronta puts its customers and their needs at the center of everything.

Our management is very sensitive to the most advanced solutions based on emerging technologies, to be offered to its customers.

Ympronta believes in people and for this it makes use of the best specialists who believe in future, investing in the development and new technologies