Networked assets inventories

Preparation of inventories of networked, switched-on assets, with analysis of their vulnerabilities.​


Ocelot, an advanced network analysis and scanning device designed to identify vulnerabilities and bad configurations within a computer network and subsequently generate a report containing:

  • an inventory of infrastructures
  • an inventory of installed softwares
  • a list of vulnerabilities with detected recommendations

The device is easy to install and does not generate impacts on the corporate network. 

Overview of some features

Port and protocol scan

Analysis of services and protocols used in the corporate network in order to identify potential risks.

Device detection

Identification of all devices connected to the network and collection of hardware and software information.

Detailed picture

of all software installed on workstations.

Vulnerability assessment

Network nodes scan and collection of information that will later be compared to different vulnerability databases to identify any criticality of installed services.


Generation of detailed reports containing found vulnerabilities, level of risk, and recommendations to mitigate company's level of exposure.

Ocelot is an essential tool for network security, allowing vulnerabilities and anomalous configurations to be identified and monitored before they can be exploited by potential threats, external or internal to the corporate infrastructure.

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