Smart MES Solution for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Medical Devices Industry.

Control, traceability, and documentation of the transformation of raw materials into finished goods in real-time. It brings all the advanced MES functionalities into the highly regulated LifeSciences environment.

Connect. Produce. Optimize.


Y-MES is a Manufacturing Execution System specifically designed for manufacturing companies operating in regulated sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, BioTech, Cosmetics, Medical Devices and Food. The objective of Y-MES is not only to digitize production processes by transposing them from paper to digital. Y-MES is the simplest and most convenient way to take full control of the most critical and delicate area of a Life Science company and to chart a gradual but steady evolution and growth through continuous monitoring, identification of criticalities, and operability optimization.

Y-MES is able to connect to any type of machinery, modern or legacy, through its countless communication protocols such as (OPC UA, MQTT, Siemens, ModBus, BACnet ...) and can dialogue through languages of different complexity and level (Data Points Tags, PackML, API, ...)

Finally, Y-MES is GMP and CFR21Part11 compliant, ensuring data integrity and data governance.

Here are some of the main features of Y-MES:

  Integration with company ERP as source of the overall production plan
  Detailed scheduling of single process orders
  Multi-line graphic scheduling table in 'Gantt' format
  Production execution monitoring with main dashboards: machine downtime, OEE, all parameters (user-defined)
   Post-execution OEE analysis aggregated at any level: machine, line, department, plant, corporate
  WorkFlow designer: creation and execution of articulated batch production flows
  Recipe Management: centralized recipe management of all machines in the line
  Audit trail and batch report
  Master data approval flow
  Alarms and related notifications management according to their criticality
  Data governance management of master data

Whatever the size and complexity of your production facilities Y-MES can handle all lines, without additional licensing costs.

-MES: Smart MES Solution for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Medical Devices Industry.