Framework defense against browsing to malicious sites

Based on valuable feeds and AI algorithms validated on various datasets and field tested over the past 2 years. It protects your company from phishing attacks almost completely.​


Most companies need free access to web and online resources.​

Web sites regularly change their names to escape the radar of monitoring solutions.​

Websites are often home to phishing, scams, gambling, malware hosting, and other fraudulent content, which exposes an enterprise to security risks on a daily basis. In addition, much of the enterprise IT and OT infrastructure operates in an unattended mode. The EXYS5100-SECURE-DNS service can detect and mitigate such risks through a customized DNS server that relies on a high-performance database, updated daily, containing "wrong domains" from its own and other trusted sources.

  • Daily collection of malicious domains from multiple sources
  • Flexible, dynamic and customized blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities
  • Customer-oriented filtering that can be configured according to user needs/requirements
  • DGA (Domain Generation Algorithm) detection using NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques
  • Detection of the first request to a faulty domain
  • Continuous search for artificial intelligence-based techniques for improved classification
  • Availability of an intelligence database (wrong IPs, wrong URLs, faulty Subnets,...)
  • Daily reports that include client locations and IP range
  • Ability to provide detailed feedback with risk indicators and recommendations
  • Easy configuration on the customer's network and immediate security level

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